26th APQO Conference
incorporating Qualcon 2021


The Future of Quality is NOW


1 - 31 October 2021

The conference program brings the conference theme to life. It will deliver an experience to remember for delegates – one in which you will be challenged, educated and intrigued by exploring, with delegates from across the Asia-Pacific, the Future of Quality.
We hope you find the program below interesting. We’ll update this program as more abstracts are received. Stay connected by registering for conference information updates at https://qualcon.com.au/.

Conference Theme – The Future of Quality is NOW!


Focus Areas


Keynote Speaker

Conference overview and context of the conference theme

Ms Pat La Londe (USA)

Quality Management’s Future Challenges – What Can I Do?


Keynote Speaker

Dr Gregory Watson (Finland)

Digitalization: Stimulus for Reassessment, Rethinking, Refinement, or Revolution of the Quality Profession?


Keynote Speaker

Prof Nigel Grigg (New Zealand)

Quality in the balance?  Competing in the age of black swans and grey rhinos.


Keynote Speaker

Dr James Galloway (Australia)

Accreditation Future


Stream Speakers

Jayet Moon (USA)

Looking Back to Look ahead: Juran on Quality Risk Management

Benito Flores, Ph.D. (Mexico)

Quality 4.0: it takes more than technology

Dr Jackie Graham (Australia)

Rethinking Deming

Suresh Prabhakaran (Australia)

Fit for future : Changing disruption into opportunities

Russell Veitch (Australia)

Modern Quality

Kathryn Lockyer (New Zealand)

A Future Assessment Model

Linbo Wang (China)

New requirements of quality management in digital production mode

Jim Whiting (Australia)

Opportunity is not Positive Risk! Clarifying the Thinking and Terminology around Opportunity and Risk

Stream 1 – Rethinking Customers and Relationships


Focus Areas

Explores the way that supply chains will evolve, how collaborations and partnerships will potentially operate, and even what Quality is evolving to in the Customer perspective. Is Customer focus being broadened to a focus on interested parties generally? How might new digitisation tools change the way we focus on customers?


Keynote Speaker

Ms Marina Pullin (Australia)

Value is in the eye of the beholden


Stream Speakers

Suresh Prabhakaran (Australia)

Delivering positive supplier transformation outcomes to achieve customer, Company and stakeholder objectives

Sathyamurthy V (India)

Managing Customers and Building Relationships with Technology

Sid Ahmed Benraouane, Ph.D. (Dubai)

The Future of CX: Innovation in Customer Service

Tony Badrick (Australia)

How has COVID-19 impacted on clinical laboratories

Kathryn Lockyer (Host), Daniel Prajogo, Pavel Castka  (Australia & New Zealand)

Use and impact of ISO/IEC 9001:2015 ISO/IEC 14001: 2015

Kathryn Lockyer (Host), Daniel Prajogo  (Australia)

CAB Ranking System a risk-based approach to performance

Mohd Najmi bin Abdul Halim (Malaysia)

Revolutionizing The Service Delivery System In Malaysia Through The Social Synergy Program

Stream 2 – Rethinking Processes


Focus Areas

Explores the way that process thinking and management has evolved, and what the emergence of advanced digitisation, artificial intelligence and data tools, and the increasing sophistication of service processes, mean for process management


Keynote Speaker

Mr Kumar Parakala (USA)

Reimagining processes to transform organizations in a post-COVID world


Stream Speakers

Sharon Manssen (New Zealand)

Datamining ‘compliance’ gold

Andrew Baines (New Zealand)

Using Technology to Serve Auditors Globally

Amir Armjand (Australia)

Developing the innovation process in the food industry by introducing a lean new product development process

Dr. Milton Krivokuca (USA)

Non-Technical Statistics in Quality 4.0 to Support Process Improvement

Leon Choo (Australia)

Digital QA in Construction

Luciana Paulise (USA)

Implementing the 5S methodology in hybrid workplaces

Yousef A. Rayes & SunWoo Yoo  (Korea)

Towards Quality Sustainability: Aramco Asia Quality Management Leads Industry 4.0 Implementation in Asia Pacific

Ms Nur Zatul Iffah Zolkana (Malaysia)

Innovative solution of L-METHIONINE 25kg packing operation processes system

Yuzain Bin Md (Malaysia)

Revolution of Enforcement Activities

Kathryn Lockyer (Host), Daniel Prajogo (Australia)

Audit duration

Dr Miflora M. Gatchalian (The Philippines)

Measurement of comparative consumer acceptability: A tool for continual product quality improvement

Roziana Othman (Malaysia)

Process transformation through team excellence (TE) Go Digital System in Malaysia

Sumeet Wagh (Australia)

Case Study – Unlocking Value from Management Systems

Stream 3 – Rethinking Excellence


Focus Areas

What is excellence, past, present and future? How useful have the various models of excellence, such as ISO 9000 series and business excellence frameworks, proved to be? How useful and enduring have the various tools and methods that been developed proved to be? And what will excellence in a future world look like?


Keynote Speaker

Mr Mike McLean (Australia)

Future of Business Excellence: What to Keep, Change and Create


Keynote Speaker

Mr Devraj Chattaraj (India)

The Excellence Journey in TATA – a case study


Stream Speakers

Carew Hatherley (New Zealand)

Taking Quality Beyond Binary

Engr. Angelica Cortero Fraginal (Philippines)

Performance Excellence Framework Adoption Experience: Answers to the “What, Why and How?

Albert “Skip” Greenaway (USA)

First Organized Career Path for Quality Auditors

Atif Baig (New Zealand)

An exploration of the organisational excellence architecture required to support an award-winning business excellence journey

Janardan Ghimire (Nepal)

Growth of Excellence of Orthodox Tea Sector through Organic Farming, GMP, and ISO 22000 in Nepal

Xi Qinfeng (PRC)

Responding to Public Emergencies—Practices and Standardization of Organizational Quality Management

Kathryn Lockyer, Roslina ab Wahid and Nigel Grigg (AUS, Malaysia, NZ)

Auditor Training for 21C

Srividhya Venkatesan (Australia)

Experiential learning through Immersive Technologies to enhance knowledge retention and reduce cost of poor quality

Ravi Bhattarai  (Nepal)

Collaborative Excellence though Agile/SCRUM Implementation

Partha Dev  (Australia)

Making Standardization a Key Ally in Managing the Energy Sector Disruptions

Saad Ghafoor (New Zealand)

A Global Study on Designing Business Excellence (BE) Frameworks and Promoting, Facilitating, and Awarding BE

Stream 4 – Rethinking Leadership and People


Focus Areas

In a digital world, where do humans fit? What is the continuing human dimension to Quality? And what kind of leadership is needed in a modern world for Quality to be effectively managed?


Keynote Speaker

Dr Rey Fremista (Philippines)

Reimagining the Future of Leadership: Building Human-Centered, Intelligent Organizations


Keynote Speaker

Ms Cynthia Payne (Australia)

Transformation at speed


Stream Speakers

Keith Phillips (New Zealand)

Lead the Digital Transformation by Doing

Jessen Yeoh (Australia)

Spiritual Leadership & ISO 9000 Family

Ranjeeta Singh (New Zealand)

Before Quality, there was Engagement

Suresh Prabhakaran (Australia)

Overcoming disruption and delivering positive organisational and personal outcomes

Alice Mastroserio (Australia)

Rethinking Quality, making ourselves relevant to Leadership

David Jago and Brett Abraham (Australia)

Say what! Conversations that get somewhere?

Kirsty Harding (Australia)

Brewing up a Strong Culture of Quality in a Storm of Disruption

Nayak Madhusmita (UAE)

The Altrocentric Leader: An end to the era of alpha-male leadership

Matthew Rathinam (Australia)

Management Innovation: Can it influence a paradigm shift to Quality Management?

APQO Award Presentation