Introducing Our Plenary Keynote Speakers

Dr Gregory H Watson

Past Chair – American Society for Quality, and acclaimed thought leader

Digitisation: Stimulus for Reassessment, Rethinking, Refinement, or Revolution of the Quality Profession

While the benefits of digitisation are obvious, there are potential impacts for which all Quality professionals need to be prepared. The time to reflect, think, and decide what to do is NOW!

Ms Pat LaLonde

Past Chair – American Society for Quality, Pat is also a highly experienced  supply chain executive

Quality Management’s Future Challenges

In a world of sudden and unexpected changes, we are constantly being challenged to adapt.  Pat explores what we need to consider in the key areas of Adaptability, Innovation and Customer Focus.

Professor Nigel Grigg

Professor of Quality Systems at Massey University, New Zealand

Quality in the balance?  Competing in the age of black swans and grey rhinos

In globalised markets, supply chains, logistics and data, customers demand ever more competitive quality, delivery and price. Nigel deconstructs Quality management to its core elements and explores how they still apply in today’s context.

Dr James Galloway

CEO, JAS-ANZ, Australia

Accreditation Future

Accreditation and certification form elements of the national quality infrastructure. But are the processes that deliver them still fit for purpose? Hear the case for change and several initiatives aimed at rethinking the relationships and processes that underpin conformity assessment.

Ms Marina Pullin

Internationally recognised consultant specialising in complex organisational redesign and technology integration

Value is in the eye of the beholden

Join Marina as she explores the concept of value in our modern world of permanent adjustments, and learn how we can adapt the core concern of Kano Based Value for 2021 and beyond.

Mr Kumar Parakala

President of GHD Digital, Kumar is an entrepreneur, business builder, digital innovation evangelist and among the world’s leading thinkers

Reimagining processes to transform organizations in a post-COVID world

Discover how to achieve the objectives of digital transformation by reimagining the critical business processes impacting your value chain to create breakthrough value, meet customer expectations and achieve business outcomes.

Mr Mike McLean

Internationally-recognised strategic change consultant

Future Business Excellence: What to Keep, Change and Create

Explore the true nature of excellence – now and in the future.  Mike will discuss worrying indicators that many of the tools and frameworks we rely on may not be fit for purpose, and proposes the “What to Keep, Change and Create™” strategy, which can be utilised NOW, for those who aspire to be excellent.

Mr Devraj Chattaraj

Accomplished industry expert, TATA, India

The Excellence Journey in TATA – a case study

Learn from the journey to excellence that has been core to TATA’s strategic development, and is central to the positioning for future success.

Dr Rey Fremista

President of the Philippine Society for Quality, and an acclaimed thinker in high-performance leadership and culture

Reimagining the Future of Leadership: Building Human-Centered, Intelligent Organizations

Join Rey to unpack developing leadership skills for the post-pandemic, hybrid environment, and discover the success factors for building a human-centered, intelligent organizational culture.

Ms Cynthia Payne

Cynthia is an experienced CEO with some 30 years executive leadership experience. She also for many years exercised organisational governance as a Director and Board Chair.

Transformation at Speed

Cynthia will unpack the ‘rethinking of leadership and people’ in this fast moving context. Lots of tips and insights relevant for any organisation.

I attended Qualcon in 2016. It was difficult to choose between all the excellent topics on offer. I would highly recommend taking advantage of attending Qualcon…or better yet, presenting at Qualcon!

Sharon Manssen BE Hons (Natural Resources)

Quality, Environment and Sustainability, Aurecon