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Certification Differently

We know many organisations are tired of the same old audit with the same old checklist. Management may be pleased to have the certificate but do they really feel that they are getting value from their certification?

Southpac has developed a more effective approach to the management system certification process, an approach whereby we truly collaborate with you to identify both your strengths and the places where improvement is required.


We don’t

  • Tick and flick
  • Focus on irrelevant aspects of standards and the use of clunky jargon
  • Raise non-conformances based on wording discrepancies and compliance alone

We will

  • We will take a “common sense” business approach,
  • Improvement and value adding focus
  • Collaboration in improving system resilience and reliability

A Better Way to Certification and Compliance

Organisations worldwide are experiencing an increased demand from customers, stakeholders and suppliers to comply with industry, global and local standards. Now, we can provide them with services that are distinctly different and “go beyond” traditional offerings.

You’ll know that compliance can be a challenge; time-consuming and difficult to manage with limited insights. What if, instead, you were confident this was well managed, risk based, data enabled and led to a stimulating conversation about potential improvements for your organisation?

PwC has combined best-practice process with the latest digital tools to make sure the job of gaining certification and maintaining compliance is not only more streamlined, consistent and transparent, but also leads to a greater competitive advantage.

Drawing on our experience in assurance and advisory, we now offer:

  • Certification against ISO standards
  • ISO Management Systems training
  • Multi-Site compliance audits

Making the switch to PwC’s Certification and Compliance services for your certification needs is a quick and easy process. No matter where you are in the certification cycle, switching from your current provider is a free, secure and a straightforward process – without disruption to your business. We will happily coordinate the transfer on your behalf.

Efficient, focused and collaborative. A new approach for certification.


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