Qualcon 2018 Program

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Speaker Templates

Whilst the Technical Committee prefers that the conference templates for papers and presentations are used, alternate Templates will be accepted if the meet the minimum standards set out in the Conference Templates.

All presentations and papers must exhibit both the Qualcon 2018 logo and the AOQ logo on each page of the submission.

All submissions extend copyrights to Australian Organisation for Quality Inc.


Download all the templates you’ll need for your talk here:

Instructions to authors

Paper Template

Abstract Template

Presentation Template

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Speaker & Chair Instructions (Qualcon 2016 version)

Conference Foreword – to be advised


Submission Deadlines

All abstracts shall be submitted – 6 March 2018
All final papers shall be submitted for Review / Technical Review – 30 July 2018
Conference PowerPoint presentations and corrected papers shall be submitted -15 September 2018


Speaker Admin

Speaker Registration is $440 to help in covering your costs. This is well below cost. The registration includes all conference events including Welcome Cocktails 14 October 2018 and the Gala Dinner 15 October 2018. Registered speakers will also receive a Conference Satchel.

Speakers will receive a gift bottle of Shiraz. This was purchased in support of the Repat Hospital Foundation to support our returned Service Persons.

Additional events not included in your registration

AOQ AGM Breakfast 15/10/18 – SOLD OUT

Café Quality Network Breakfast 16/10/18 – SOLD OUT


Advice for presenters of 3-minute Quality Snippets

(From Seth Godin)

How to give a five-minute presentation

Give a four-minute presentation and take your time.

The alternative is to try to give a six or seven-minute long talk in five minutes. To rush. To get flustered. To go over your time. To act in a way that belies your professional nature.

Nope. Better to stick with the four-minute approach.

The thing is, you’ll never have enough time to tell us every single thing in enough detail. It would take you years.

Portion control is your friend. Figure out how big the plate is and serve just the right amount.