Quality in a Complex World

14-16 October 2018, at the Mercure Brisbane

Presented by the Australian Organisation for Quality Ltd

We chose the 2018 Qualcon theme ‘Quality in a Complex World’ so we can examine the significant issues facing today’s Quality profession:

  • What does an increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world mean for our profession?
  • How well does Business Excellence cope with this?
  • Is the ‘process approach’ a way of simplifying complexity?
  • Proliferating compliance requirements as a source of VUCA. What role can ISO standards and their new high-level structure play in managing these?
  • What’s the future role of Quality management in the Industry 4.0 world of artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, robots, 3-D printing, etc?
  • Coping with the busy-ness of the Quality folks lives these days – managing the urgent vs the important, and
  • Importantly for AOQ’s 50th Anniversary year, how did we get to where we are now?

Once again, Qualcon has attracted a full gallery of top-notch speakers who will inspire, educate and intrigue us on these issues and more.

Qualcon opens with an insightful retrospective and prospective look at Quality from the vantage of AOQ’s 50th Anniversary. One of our active members, who was present at the very first meeting of AOQ, will share some personal reflections, while our keynote speaker will provide valuable insights into the progress of Quality over the last half-century. A panel of quality leaders will offer insights into what the next half-century offers.

Three-minute Quality Snippets: 3 slides, 3 minutes, and you’re done!

Three-minute snippets are back after their popularity at Qualcon 2016. You can convey a lot in three minutes – witness the very successful three-minute Thesis presentations in Universities where PhD students convey the essence of their research in three minutes! In these high impact presentations, you can hear about a wide range of topics in a short space of time.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to follow-up with the snippet speakers one-on-one, as they’re scheduled on the first day.

Certification Standards, Governance Frameworks & Compliance

We have two sessions on this covering what ‘process-based standard’ really means and how to implement it, risk-based thinking, making sense of requirements, and auditing in this context.

And lots more!

The JAS-ANZ session focuses on education and Quality Management, especially as it relates to the training and competency of auditors – a topic that affects many of us. Expect insights from the current JAS-ANZ Delphi study that is probing the insights from the Quality community.

Our session on Business Excellence will examine its role in our increasingly VUCA world. What is the relevance of Business Excellence?

Quality Management in a Digital World will be a fascinating session! Speakers will explore upending quality and business thinking, and the role of artificial intelligence.

Prepare for your mind to be blown by the words of a global thought-leader who will stretch your thinking about the world we are heading into. A lunch-time session based around a recording of this impressive speaker will provide much fuel for discussion.

Other sessions will explore environmental sustainability through a Quality lens, information security, and auditing for business assurance. And there are some special surprises too.

This program will give you a thorough update on all matters ‘Quality’ and inspire you to take the next step in your quality journey.

I had attended a Qualcon conference in Sydney in 2006 and had fond memories of learning new things from inspirational presenters and making some new friends. But a lot can happen over 10 years, so when I registered for Qualcon 2016 I wasn’t sure if there would still be the same great vibe to the conference. I have to say I was once again inspired by the high-calibre speakers and delighted with the innovation of the “3 minute Quality Snippet” talks, where I was happy to be a contributor. Qualcon was still like being the proverbial kid in the lolly shop, so much to choose from and all so good! It was a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and engage in solving everyday challenges.

Maree Stuart,
Principal Consultant,
MAS Management Systems Pty Ltd

Meet our Keynote Speakers

We're excited to bring together a fantastic array of talented speakers for this year's conference!

Conference delegates are given a foreword as part of their Conference Package, outlining each speaker and their paper. Speakers' papers and presentations will be made available to delegates at the start of the conference.

Jeff Ryall JM

President - AOQ Ltd

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Swinburne University

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