Coming Soon – Qualcon 2020!

In 2020, the Australian Organisation for Quality is excited to be hosting Qualcon in Perth – in conjunction with APQO!

More details will be released soon – stay tuned.

Quality in a Complex World

14-16 October 2018, at the Mercure Brisbane

Presented by the Australian Organisation for Quality Ltd

Qualcon 2018’s theme was “Quality in a Complex World”.


The industry’s leading professionals across a breadth of industries shared best practice, case studies and insights into quality, productivity and business excellence. Attendees discovered new and innovative practices, found ways to bring new areas of quality control and improvements, examined the quality principles embodied in ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100, ISO 31000, cross-pollinated ideas and approaches and grew their network.

Qualcon 2018 was the 15th conference of its kind and strengthened the Australian reputation for excellence, attracting both Australian and International delegates and speakers from a wide range of industries including Defence, community care, security, construction, manufacturing and services sectors, business excellence, software and IT professionals.

Industry Experts in Quality

Latest cutting-edge research

Grow your peer network

Meet our Keynote Speakers

We're excited to bring together a fantastic array of talented speakers for this year's conference!

Conference delegates are given a foreword as part of their Conference Package, outlining each speaker and their paper. Speakers' papers and presentations will be made available to delegates at the start of the conference.

Jeff Ryall JM

President - AOQ Ltd

Prof John Dalrymple

Swinburne University

Dr. James Galloway


Abraham Fenn

President NZOQ

I learned so much at this conference! I have pages of notes scrawled from every session – even the ones that I thought would just be entertaining. Everything was so relevant, and I gained some great insights into applying the Quality approach in different workplaces.

Cathy O’Dwyer,
O’Dwyer Accreditation

Conference topics include:











Best Practice



Quality Management



Business Excellence



Process Improvement


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