Qualcon 2018

14-16 October 2018

If you have enjoyed past Conferences, the Qualcon 2018 will be unlike any quality or business management conference you have attended.

AOQ prides itself in running the most informative and technically sound conference in Australia.


About Qualcon 2018

Qualcon® 2018 is an exciting opportunity for Australasian organisations and individuals as well as our neighbours in the Asia Pacific region to meet and share best practices in quality, productivity and business excellence. It will attract quality professionals due to Qualcon’s reputation as the leading Australian Quality Conference. The last Qualcon® in Sydney New South Wales attracted over 170 Australian and International delegates and speakers from a wide range of industries including Defence, community, education, manufacturing and services sectors, business excellence, software & IT professionals. Qualcon 2018 is expected to maintain the Australian reputation for excellence, and with a bigger attendance.

Benefits to Delegates

The Conference will focus on practical and policy aspects with topics related to Innovation, Productivity, Quality Management, Business Excellence, Best Practice, Process Improvement, Governance and the quality principles embodied in ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100, ISO 31000 and other Service Industry Standards including Health. Because Qualcon® covers the spectrum of industries and contexts in which Quality management is practiced, it provides fertile ground for cross-fertilisation of ideas and approaches.

The Conference will also provide an opportunity to discover new and innovative practices in quality, productivity and business excellence, helping us to meet our core values of excellence and innovation. Understanding advances and changes in these areas allows new areas of quality control and improvement to be considered and discussed within the business.

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3 Minute Quality Snippet

With the great success at Qualcon 2018, the 3-minute Quality Snippet will make a return at Qualcon 2018

Tell us what you are working on or grappling with:

  • What is it?
  • Why?
  • Challenges?
  • Progress?
  • Impacts?

3 slides, 3 minutes, done!

Deadline for 3 Min Quality Snippet Abstracts 8 July 2018. Presentations by 5th September. Read More

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