The Theme

The Theme is an underlying tone for the Conference and describes what the Qualcon Organising  Committee believes are important aspects for Qualcon 2016. Qualcon 2016 brochure

The Theme unpacked gives a great insight to the Conference tone covers a potentially large space, including:


  • The rise of new transformational technologies that are reshaping our society and economy: Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D printing, laser scanning, Big data, social media, sharing economy; energy, materials science, transportation. And the Quality management implications of these.
  • The implications (opportunities as well as challenges) of these new technologies for managing quality
  • Lean startups
  • The tension between reducing variation and searching for improvements in positive outliers
  • The high profile of Innovation in modern politics global
  • New tools for managing quality
  • Innovation vs creativity: focus on the customer


  • The high profile of Productivity in modern politics
  • Productivity benefits from reducing waste and improving processes
  • Cost of quality
  • Collaboration as an accelerator of innovation and productivity

Innovation and Productivity

  • The role of leadership

The place of Quality

  • Where Quality sits in organisations: ‘shop floor’ vs ‘executive’
  • The status of Quality management compared to other aspects of managing organisational risks: Safety, Financial, Legal, Operational etc
  • The role of the Quality Manager
  • The role of auditing/auditors
  • The roles of Quality organisations: AOQ, American Society for Quality, Asia-Pacific Quality Organisation
  • The roles of Quality management / Organisations compared with ‘specialist’ disciplines / organisations: organisational/enterprise excellence, six sigma, Lean, process improvement etc
  • Quality vs Compliance vs Conformance
  • Quality and red tape (refer to James Galloway article in April Quality Australia)
  • Quality in Education curricula

Time of rapid change

  • The transformations in society being enabled by new technologies: Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D printing, laser scanning, Big data, social media, sharing economy
  • The rise of Asia as an economic might and the relative decline of the West
  • The ‘modernising’ of management systems to deal with a rapidly changing world
  • Changes on the ISO suite of standards, notably ‘High-Level Structure’, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.
  • Integrated QHSE Management Systems – which is the theme of the APQO/NZOQ Rotorua Conference in Nov 2016