3min Q Snippet

Introducing the 3-minute Quality Snippet at Qualcon 2016

Tell us what you are working on or grappling with:

  • What is it?
  • Why?
  • Challenges?
  • Progress?
  • Impacts?

3 slides, 3 minutes, done!

This is new for Qualcon, but has been implemented in quality meetings across APAC recently, to great effect.

What we like about this idea is it lets many attendees participate. Every one of us has interesting projects we are working on or challenges we are grappling with – or are planning to. This is very much about work-in-progress, not only work completed. (And if you want to talk about a completed project, that’s fine too).

Note that this is also open to those presenting papers, to talk about something else they are doing.


The ‘3 minute Quality Snippet’ session will be on the first day, to stimulate conversations over the rest of the conference.

Be aware though – this is not about having an impromptu chat, rocking up on the day and talking spontaneously. To convey an effective message in 3 minutes takes careful thinking and preparation! And this might help you clarify your work anyway!

Abraham Lincoln (I think it was) once apologised for writing a long letter because he did not have the time to condense it into a single page!

And we’ll need an Abstract too, so we can schedule these in a logical order.

We can accommodate about 18 speakers. So get in early to secure your slot.

Submit a ‘3 minute Quality Snippet’ Abstract form by 13th May. The template is on the website (www.qualcon.com.au/2016).

Slides due by 10th June.


Let’s make this a real highlight of Qualcon 2016

Note: Consider a ‘3 minute Quality Snippet’ as a free opportunity to promote your work and thereby gain input and ideas from other Qualcon attendees. Presenting a Snippet does not attract a reduction in your Qualcon fee.

Martin Andrew

Qualcon Committee