The most innovative, high-performing organizations in the world are building a solid process foundation with BPM at the core. Focusing on embedding transparency across their operations, these organizations are realizing enormous gains – agility in responding to market changes, clear process governance leading to quality output, and the pinnacle of quality management and business success – customer satisfaction. Customer-centric organizations are process-centric organizations – they use process as a language to show how value is created. The result is a robust, interconnected process system, allowing for evidence-based decision-making and resource allocation. Traditional business tradeoffs such as that between quality and speed/efficiency are diminished with Signavio BPM.

We build software people love to use. Designed with collaboration at it’s core, Signavio enables you as a quality professional to engage with process stakeholders at all levels to gain buy-in, and enhance performance and compliance. www.signavio.com

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minitab-logoMinitab is the leading provider of quality improvement software comprising four key products. Minitab Statistical Software helps you effectively analyse your data by guiding you to the right analysis and giving you clear results. Quality Trainer by Minitab teaches you how to analyse data anytime you are online. Qeystone manages your entire Lean Six Sigma deployment, from individual projects to executive-level reports. Quality Companion by Minitab helps organise your projects and execute every step.

Distinguished companies that rely on Minitab to help them achieve world-class quality include American Express, General Electric, Microsoft, Toyota Motor, and the leading Six Sigma consultants.

Headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania, Minitab opened its Sydney office in 2007 to support customers in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, and to have a local presence for software sales, training and technical support.

To learn more, visit www.minitab.com.au.

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BPALogo_BPASince 2001, BPA Solutions is a leading global provider of innovative business software solutions based on Microsoft technologies. BPA has developed the next generation SharePoint QMS solution which is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015. BPA Quality is an all-in-one solution for Quality, Health, Security, Environment and Risk Management. BPA Quality is simple, flexible, cost-effective and delivers the best user experience thanks to Microsoft technologies. 800+ customers trust BPA and Partners in 20+ countries. More information on http://BPA.Solutions

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The Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) helps markets work better by providing internationally recognised accreditation services that create economic benefit.

Accreditation is a symbol of assurance—a valuable asset in itself. The JAS-ANZ symbol is a mark of quality and reliability. It flags that a certifier or inspector can be counted on to impartially determine if organisations, products and people conform to specified requirements. This gives certifiers, inspectors and their client organisations a competitive edge.

Accreditation has many flow-on benefits throughout the market chain for business, regulators and government by:

  • reducing compliance and transaction costs,
  • reducing risk,
  • streamlining operations,
  • breaking down barriers to trade, which provides greater access to foreign markets; and
  • providing assurance that goods and services sold are safe and can be used for their intended purpose.

These strengthen national, Trans-Tasman and international trade and commerce.

Accreditation adds value to the ever growing and increasingly complicated market chain in many ways, including by providing a symbol of assurance that certifiers and inspectors are independent and competent to perform their duties.

Accredited certification and inspection of products, processes and people—called conformity assessment—has a ripple effect through the market chain, right to the consumer. It gives consumers confidence that their purchases meet specified standards and are quality assured. This includes retailers, wholesalers and individual consumers.

To learn more, visit www.jas-anz.com.au

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Logo_IB_3015_rgb_highInformation Builders provides solutions for business intelligence (BI), analytics, data integration, and data quality that help drive performance improvements, innovation, and value.  Through one set of powerful products, we enable organizations to serve everyone — analysts, non-technical users, even partners, customers and citizens — with better data and analytics. Our dedication to customer success is unmatched with thousands of organizations relying on us as their trusted partner. Founded in 1975, Information Builders is headquartered in New York, NY, with global offices, and remains one of the largest independent, privately-held companies in the industry.

To learn more, visit www.ibi.com

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VM LOGOVertical Matters delivers sensational mobile technologies that power SME and Enterprise business processes which include: job scheduling, project management, safe work systems, forms design, timesheets, video conferencing, mail, cloud storage and much more.

Their flagship mobile solution is the Mobile Quality Management System which is used by companies across Australia to gain 100% paperless Triple Certification.  This revolutionary solution contains the following modules:

Record Keeping

  • Record and store CPARs and NCRs in your pocket.

Hands On Support

  • Their consulting team is experienced at getting your organisation ready for audit.


  • Ongoing support to ensure the system runs efficiently within your business.

Policies and procedures

  • Store instructions relating to safety, environment, and work.

Organisation Chart

  • Display and update your company information dynamically.

Sales Analytics

  • Provide key insights into your sales pipelines allowing you to make informed decisions.


  • Manage and classify your bids.


  • Manage client groups, track all communications with internal and external contacts.


  • Identify the status of your projects from anywhere, anytime.

Their turnkey implementation and bespoke software development expertise delivers more than just super cool technology, it provides powerful game changing outcomes that make their customers smile and have the ability to revolutionise industries.

Visit verticalmatters.com.au or phone 1300 99 67 67.

To learn more about us, visit www.verticalmatters.com.au/

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Desertfire logoResearch shows that human factors are involved in up to 96% of all errors in the workplace. Desertfire Online provides a proven, scientific process that enables companies to manage and minimize human error as they would manage any workplace risk.

With over 2,000 clients around the globe, Desertfire Online recently introduced PPM+™ a revolutionary ‘smart’ procedure system, the first ‘quantum’ improvement to standard work procedures in nearly 30 years.

PPM+ smart procedures incorporate narrated videos that ‘show’ and ‘explain’ to employees exactly how a task is done, as well as offering a host of new features that improve employee engagement, learning effectiveness, memory retention and workplace performance.

The choice is clear: you can waste time and money creating and maintaining old-format, text-based procedures, or you can create ‘smart’ procedures that engage, interact and train your employees.

To learn more about us, visit www.desertfire.com.au              Skype: barry.henson2230

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